Primary 7 Leavers



We said a fond farewell to our primary 7 leavers on Friday 25 June!

It's been a strange year for them but we are so proud at how they coped with all the changes and wish them every success as they begint this new excing phase in their lives. 

We were delighted to welcome back Mrs Rainey to handover prizes - congratulations to all the worthy winners, and enjoyed time spent over an icecream and cuppa with parents.

Post primary schools are very lucky to have such fantastic boys and girls. Best wishes to you all!




End of Year Parties!



What a day we had on Thursday 24 June with our end of year parties!

We were delighted to see all the children come to school in their party-best ready for a day full of fun!

It's been a strange time and it was fantastic that this tradition could carry on! The children have worked so hard they definitely deserved it!

Carnival Promotions entertained us well with dancing, games, puppets and magic shows and the sounds of happy, excited children could be heard from all ends of the school!







P4-7 Sports Day

A great day was had by P4-7 competing in their Sports Days events!

Lots of fun and good sportsmanship made for a great morning!








P1-3 Sports Day

P1-3 enjoyed a very sunny morning of races on Thursday!

Lots of happy faces stood on the podium to receive medals and applause!

Everyone cooled down afterwards with an ice lolly!



The Principals' Award for Good work, term 2 and 3



Fantasic work in term 2 and 3 by  all the recipients of the Principals' Awards for Good work!