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old school aerial

In 1900 the local Church Schools amalgamated to form Fourtowns National School. The plaque for this School has been retained and is now situated in the flower bed at the front of the School. The Rev Strahan was instrumental in the building of the National School (located at the former Community Centre).

We are thankful to the work and dedication of previous Principals who have shaped the direction of Fourtowns Primary School - Mr J Maxwell 1900-1917; Mr W Kerr 1917-1940; Mr DC Stevenson 1940-1963; Mr J Stevenson 1983-1987; Mr P Scott 1983-1989; Mr J Millar 1990-2016.

The National School was replaced by a new building in 1962 and was replaced by our current building in September 2007. This modern, well equipped School provides pupils of the area with an excellent centre of learning. The School includes ten classrooms, three resource areas, and a multi-purpose hall which is used for lunches, assemblies and P.E. All classes have been enriched by the installation of Promethian interactive whiteboards, an Activ Table and a class set of iPads.

The extensive facilities within the School allow for flexibility in teaching methods which are appropriate to the needs of individuals, small groups or whole classes. The design of the School is such that it offers the children excellent facilities for learning and leisure. Our playground around the School buildings comprises of grassed areas, shrubs, trees and flower beds as well as activity play areas for P1-3, and P4-7 and the traditional hard surface play areas. The School playing grass area and is used for football and other games, sports days and social events as required. We are very proud of our School buildings and grounds.