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Sustaining Improvement Inspection (SII), November 2016

In November 2016 Fourtowns Primary School took part in a SII.

Conclusion: Fourtowns Primary School continues to demonstrate a high capacity for sustained improvement.


Education and Training Inspectorate’s (ETI) Inspection, January 2014

In January 2014 Fourtowns Primary School took part in a ETI Inspection.

Conclusion: In the areas inspected, the quality of education provided by this school is outstanding; the quality of pastoral care is also outstanding. The school has demonstrated its capacity for sustained self-improvement.


Please click the link below to download the January 2014 ETI Inspection Report in full.

 For more information please visit the Education and Training Inspectorate’s website.


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Recent Events

Primary 7 Leavers

  • 29 June 2021

Primary 7 Leavers   We said a fond farewell to our primary 7 leavers on Friday 25 June! It's been a strange year for them but we are so proud at how they coped with all the changes and wish them every...

End of Year Parties!

  • 24 June 2021

End of Year Parties!   What a day we had on Thursday 24 June with our end of year parties! We were delighted to see all the children come to school in their party-best ready for a day full of fun!...

P4-7 Sports Day

  • 13 May 2021

      P4-7 Sports Day A great day was had by P4-7 competing in their Sports Days events! Lots of fun and good sportsmanship made for a great morning!...

P1-3 Sports Day

  • 13 May 2021

  P1-3 Sports Day P1-3 enjoyed a very sunny morning of races on Thursday! Lots of happy faces stood on the podium to receive medals and applause! Everyone cooled down afterwards with an ice lolly!...