It was another early morning this morning. There was just enough time before breakfast for everyone to finish packing their bags. After breakfast we had the chance to complete our final activity of the trip. Then, after lunch, it was time to say our goodbyes. We've had an excellent time at Greenhill YMCA and would like to thank all of the Greenhill staff for looking after us so well.


climbing abseiling 74 

climbing abseiling 98 climbing abseiling 128


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We woke early and had breakfast this morning. The weather was lovely! We all took part in two activities today, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We all did the opposite of yesterday, so those who went paddle boarding yesterday went canoeing today and those who went canoeing yesterday went paddle boarding today. We also had a go at climbing & abseiling or blind trail & orienteering.


blind trail 38


After dinner the group split into two. Half of us went for another walk into Newcastle for more sweets and treats whilst some of the boys stayed behind and played football with Mr Wilde.


 newcastle walk day 2

newcastle ice cream


Before bed we had to start packing for home - we couldn't believe it was almost home time already! 

We arrived safely at Greenhill just in time for our lunch and after being allocated our rooms we headed out on our first activity. Mr Wilde and Mrs Rainey's groups went paddle boarding and Miss McClintock and Miss Kane's groups went canoeing. The wet and cold weather certainly didn't dampen our spirits, we still had lots of fun. The weather didn't matter anyway because many of us soon ended up in the water!


canoeing 39

paddle boarding 42


After a roast chicken dinner, we headed out for a walk into Newcastle. We stopped off for sweets, crepes or ice cream and headed back to Greenhill for a late-night quiz.


newcastlewalk 1

newcastle walk 2





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Today was our final day at Greenhill YMCA in Newcastle.

We were all up early again, packing our bags and making sure our rooms were nice and tidy. After breakfast we all had one final activity to take part in. Those of us who did bouldering on Wednesday had a go at orienteering today, and those who took part in orienteering on Wednesday went bouldering today.



We walked through the river in Castlewellan Forest Park, but it's not as easy as it sounds! The water was cold. We had to be very careful and watch our step because the rocks in the water were slippery. At the end of the trail some of us decided to slide down a mini waterfall!


IMG 5755


After a quick change of clothes and a lunch of burgers and chips, it was time to head home. A big thank you to all the staff at Greenhill for looking after us - we had a wonderful time!






After a good night’s sleep, we awoke early and started the day with a large breakfast. We had the opportunity to try canoeing, rock climbing and abseiling, added to the orienteering that some of us tried yesterday. Everyone has now tried three activities in total.


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We went abseiling today at Greenhill. We had to lean back and walk down the wall until we touched the ground. It was really fun.


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Rock Climbing

Then we came to the climbing wall. You were harnessed, and you had to climb to the top. Some were really hard. and some people even challenged themselves to only use a certain colour. Even Mrs Rainey had a go!


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We had a fun time doing canoeing in our groups, and at the end we were told to jump in. The water was freezing.


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Orienteering and Blind Trail

We had a lot of fun doing the orienteering and the blind trail. First, we did a trail with blindfolds, then we had to find different numbers and letters hidden around the Greenhill site using a map!


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We then went for another evening walk, with some stopping off for a football match and others stopping off for ice cream.


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(Written by Charlotte Neilly, Grace Henry, Ellie Nicholl and Catherine Macdonald)







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